COVID-19 “Corona Virus”

Our current policy regarding working is that we are complying with directions from the appropriate government bodies. Our overriding objective is the safety of our people working on our sites. Specifically:

You don’t need us to tell you that there is a serious pandemic due to Corona Virus and it will affect us. Although I don’t think building sites are as high risk as say pubs or restaurants, nevertheless we need to follow government guidelines which are posted on site. I have also set out some simple guidelines which we should adhere to. In addition, I am scheduling work so that as far as possible, the trades are separated and we have as few people on site as possible.

  1. Keep at least 2 metres apart and don’t shake hands.
  2. Restrict the sharing of tools where possible.
  3. Wear gloves and a mask as much as you can.
  4. Restrict touching your face and particularly your nose and mouth (even with gloves).
  5. Bring your own lunch, water bottle, cutlery, etc.
  6. Bring hand sanitiser in your lunch bag.
  7. Wash your hands before and after eating.
  8. Avoid touching areas in the toilets with your hands.
  9. Wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day.
  10. Have a shower as soon as you get home.
  11. If you are sick, stay at home and protect others.

For my part, I am doing everything I can to keep the building process going so that we can fulfil our contract obligations.

Gary Low
Founder Construct Care