About Us

Construct Care builds homes that are fit for purpose, fit for living and fit for life.

We are in the process of becoming a registered Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider.

We know that people with disability have vastly different needs. All our designs reflect a person-driven approach to where homes are built, what the schedule of accommodation is and the specifications to which they are constructed.

We pride ourselves on a highly qualified, competent and reliable supply chain and invest in people who share our values and are willing to work to the exacting specifications necessary to create homes for people, including people with disability.

What we do

Construct Care builds and develops a range of designs to provide homes and Specialist Disability Accommodation.

In order to do this, we have to manage a number of variables to create homes that people with disability can enjoy living in and provide a return that is sufficiently attractive to investors to fund these homes.

Our logo represents this ideal – we construct with care for everyone involved in the homes we build.

Who are we

Construct Care’s purpose is to build homes fit for purpose, fit for living and fit for life.

The business brings together people with the capability to deliver that purpose. While the principals are featured here, the truth is that if we are to deliver our purpose, we rely on people with widely differing skills – ‘draftees’, quantity surveyors, ‘tradies’, suppliers, consultants, planners , investors, our registered charity customers and, crucially in a time of risk from viruses, the great folk who supply our portable toilets.

We are constantly on the lookout for people with skills that can help us build homes fit for purpose, fit for life and fit for living.

So, just to complete the record, here are the principals.

Gary Low is the third generation of the Low family building tradition. He has built everything from high rise buildings to new homes and renovations of classic ‘Queenslanders’.Gary is known for his attention to detail and skill at estimating. More than that, Gary is a larger than life character with strong values and a cheerful disposition.

Jeremy Kidner has a long career in risk management including a multinational builder and developer in Hong Kong. He is also the co-founder of specialist risk consultancy RiskIQ (www.riskiq.com.au). His role in Construct Care is to bring the vision to life with its digital presence and investor development. He is generally kept away from building sites as Gary considers him a risk to himself and the crews on site!

Construct care works closely with Robert Hannaford who is a recognised expert on the NDIS, RGH Consultants. We defer to Rob on all matters relating to the provision of SDA homes.

Our Values

  • We are committed to building homes fit for purpose, fit for living, fit for life.
  • We respect people.
  • We have high standards of integrity and honesty.
  • We require quality in construction.
  • We value reliability and predictability.
  • We remunerate fairly.