Work with us

This is how we work with builders, suppliers, contractors and consultants.

Our purpose with regard to all the people we work with is to build our collective capacity to deliver homes fit for purpose, fit for living, fit for life.

Our policy regarding contractors and suppliers is based on qualification, commitment, and completion.

  1. All our supply chain must be qualified not just in terms of formal qualifications, but also their experience and track record.
  2. We are committed to building homes for life, often life with disability. We require our supply chain to be committed to delivering work and materials that are ‘Fit for Purpose’ all the time, every time.
  3. When we say we will deliver homes, we deliver them. This means that all the supply chain must be ready, able and willing to deliver their part of our commitment when they say they will, and how they say they will.
  4. We believe in a fair rate for products and services that make up our product.

Legal requirements

Our contracts comply with the requirements of the QBCC.

If you are interested in working with us, contact us by email.